ZENii was created and formulated by multi award winning Dr. Johanna Ward, one of the UK’s leading skin doctors. She and her team of cosmetic scientists and nutritionists have worked together to create a cutting edge skincare and supplements range.

The ethos behind ZENii is that the future of skincare lies in optimising cellular nutrition. ZENii is shaping the future of skincare by recognising the synergy between what goes into the body and how we treat our skin topically.

It is a brand that believes in nourishing the skin from within and without.

This is the future of anti-ageing, wellness and living a long and healthy life.

The founder is Dr Johanna Ward, a GP and one of the UK’s leading skin doctors.

She is a passionate advocate of the power of preventative & nutritional medicine and has devoted her professional life to the science and study of skin health. When she created ZENii she wanted to create an intelligent skincare brand that coupled clinically proven skincare with health & beauty supplements that nourish the skin from within. 

In her years of clinical practice she noticed that people were missing the basic and fundamental micronutrients for maintaining good skin health. They were investing in good quality skincare but they were forgetting to address other areas of their life such as their nutritional status, stress levels, toxin exposure & diet. 

Skin health starts at the cellular level. Only when cellular function is optimised can the skin be truly healthy, radiant & withstand the ageing process.

Modern, Western living has meant that many of us have suboptimal nutrition secondary to poor food choices, processed foods, pesticide use, exposure to toxins, pollution, chronic stress, free radical exposure, excess alcohol and loss of our healthy gut bacteria. These changes have negatively impacted everything from our skin health to our general health & wellbeing.

ZENii was designed to help people minimise the impact that stresses.

It is a survival kit for the modern world for anyone interested in skin health and anti-ageing. But it goes even further than that. It is based upon the science of micronutrition and optimising not only the skin but the entire body and its systems at the cellular level.

It is about reducing inflammation, limiting free radical damage and boosting vitality and inner health. The result is an incredible range of clinically active topical products coupled with cell boosting supplements to nourish your skin. In essence, it is about nourishing your skin from without and within. This is the future of anti-ageing.