What do skin experts use on their skin? Get the insider's skincare guide

Heather Stephen

So, what does a skin specialist use on their skin? Heather Stephen spoke to four skin experts to find out their skincare secrets.


Dr Tatiana Lapa, medical director of the Studio Clinic, Harley Street


“I am a loyal devotee to the Zein Obagi range which has completely changed my skin. I start with a ZO Oilacleanse face wash, followed by ZO Daily Power Defense cream – a light weight lotion which promotes DNA repair and stimulates collagen production – and Heliocare SPF 50 gel.

Looking after my skin means that I rarely need to use foundation, a tinted moisturiser is enough to give me an even tone to the skin. I also love the ZO Liprebuild as it softens my rough, flaky lips and promotes skin healing.”



“The evenings are my time for skin treatment. I cleanse again with ZO Oilacleanse then scrub with the gorgeous ZO Polish which leaves my skin incredibly smooth. I then apply ZO TE Pads to reduce pores and sebum production, focusing on my problem areas: nose and chin and follow with ZO Brightenex – a beautiful treatment for signs of ageing, skin tone, pigmentation and break-outs.”


My top skin tip

“Once a week, usually on a lazy Sunday afternoon, I use the ZO Invisapeel treatment to resurface and exfoliate the skin. I don’t use eye cream or moisturisers as these can make the skin dependent on external moisture and I think it is more important to strengthen the barrier function to enable the skin to protect itself.”


Dr Justine Hextall, consultant dermatologist and medical director of the Tarrant Street Clinic, Arundel, West Sussex


“I wash after I have showered with either Cetaphil or Avene Xerocalm AD balm cleansing oil – the latter if my skin is at all dry or irritated. I apply Skinceuticals C.E. Ferulic vitamin C serum. This protects against UV rays and pollution and I am convinced it helps to keep my skin tone even.

“If my skin is at all sensitive or irritated I apply a weaker version of the same serum and then  moisturiser. This is either Rosaliac anti-redness intense serum if my skin is inflamed or Avene extreme tolerance moisturiser if my skin is feeling sensitive.

“I always apply a Factor 50 sun cream – either Anthelios XL 50 + or Ladival 50 as these not only protect against UVA and UVB but contain anti-oxidants to protect against longer wavelengths such as visible light.”



“At night I apply either Trilogy antioxidant rosehip serum or copper amino isolate1% serum by Niod . If applying the latter I will add a layer of Avene moisturiser too as, although the serum helps skin repair, it won’t hydrate.

My top skin tip

“My skin gets a bit red and irritated when I am stressed so I have LED light treatment whenever I get the chance. I apply a hyaluronic acid serum and hop under the skin rejuvenation programme for 20 minutes.

“LED promotes skin repair and definitely leaves your skin with that glow while the serum helps my skin feel calm and hydrated.

“This treatment definitely stops skin problems in their tracks – though unfortunately I have it less often than I would like as I am so busy in the clinic during the day!”


Dr Yuri Michituic, GP and aesthetic practitioner at Artum Beauty Suite in Kensington, London

For the last year everyday I’m I’ve used products from the NeoStrata’s Skin Active range. It’s really restored my skin and made it look fresher and younger.
I use Skin Active Retinol+ NAG complex in the morning for face.
My top skin tip
Good products are part of the equation. Take a holistic approach to your skin. Eat well, exercise and look after yourself and your skin will thank you for it.


Dr Rupert Critchley, GP and founder of Viva Skin Clinics in London


“I use a vitamin c serum for its antioxidant effects, alongside an SPF moisturiser factor 25 every day but I avoid thick moisturisers as these can block pores and cause breakouts.

“After shaving, I use a recovery complex from AGERA. It feels great, has natural, anti-inflammatory properties and is indicated for post cosmetic procedures and resurfacing. I find it useful, as being so busy I always forget to change my razor blades and it’s great for skin irritation post shaving!

“Men are prone to sun damaged skin as we often neglect using a daily sunscreen so make sure your moisturiser has a minimum SPF 25 included to save you additional effort.

“Even though men have thicker skin with higher protecting proteins they share the same risk of developing skin cancer as women so there really shouldn’t be any difference in the intensity of regime.”



“Cleanser is essential to remove the days grime and then I apply a retinol – a mild form of topical vitamin a. This helps with sun damage and anti-aging properties and provides a great skin boost.”

My top skin tip

“My vitamin A retinol has really cleared my skin up in general. I have been very happy with this. Otherwise I can’t emphasise the SPF enough!”


Dr Christine Or, GP and founder of Dr Christine Medical Aesthetics, Tunbridge Wells


“I am currently using the Obagi Nu-Derm System which helps to even out skin tone and is anti-ageing. I wash my face with the gentle cleanser morning and evening, followed by the toner which restores the skin’s pH.

“From this range I use the “Clear” product morning and evening which contains 4% hydroquinone to help suppress melanin production and reduce and prevent pigmentation.

“In the morning I use the Obagi Exfoderm cream daily which contains a gentle acid to help exfoliate the skin, followed by a small amount of their Hydrate moisturiser and plenty of Heliocare SPF 50.



“At night I use Obagi Blender – a skin lightening lotion – mixed with a small amount of tretinoin cream which is a form of Vitamin A which helps prevent age spots and encourages new cell turnover.

My top skin tip

“Rinse off your cleanser with luke warm water, as hot water will strip your skin of healthy natural oils and stimulate melanin production leading to pigmentation.

“I also love Skinade – a stimulating, anti-ageing collagen drink which has made a huge difference to the way my skin looks and feels.”


(Note: The opinions expressed in this piece are the personal views of the doctors quoted. Some of them may sell these products but have declared they have not been paid by the brands mentioned to promote their products.)


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