The P-Shot

What is the P-Shot® or Priapus-Shot®?

The Priapus-Shot or P-Shot is named after Priapus, the god of fertility in Greek mythology. He was known for his sizeable penis and permanent erection. The P-Shot is a natural, non-surgical treatment for men using Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) which is injected into the penis to to treat:

  • Erectile Dysfunction* (ED) – by improving blood supply to the penis it can result in firmer erections and enhanced sexual performance,
  • Peyronie’s Disease (PD) – a condition where scar tissue causes the penis to curve, making sex painful. The P-Shot can help straighten the penis by encouraging the growth of new, healthy tissue.
  • Lichen Sclerosus – a condition characterised by itchy white patches on the genitals or other parts of the body. The P-Shot can be a useful adjunct in treating it, but it is not a cure.
  • Penis enlargement – by stimulating the growth of new tissue a considerable increase in girth and length of the penis may be achieved, although this may not be permanent.

The P-Shot involves injecting the PRP that’s been harvested from the man’s blood directly into the spongy muscle and the head of the penis.

PRP has been used in certain medical, dental and sporting injury treatments since the 1980’s  because of its healing properties but this is a relatively new application. Solid studies confirming its effectiveness are still being gathered but initial results appear promising.

*Some 40- 50% of men experience Erectile Dysfunction at some stage of their lives. There can be many causes and it is important to see a GP as it can sometimes be caused by heart disease, diabetes or other medical conditions that may need


How does it work?

Whenever you sustain an injury where the skin is broken, for example, the platelets in your blood act to start the healing and repairing process. These platelets contain growth factors and proteins which stimulate the stem cells present in your body to produce new tissues including collagen, blood vessels and adipose tissue or fat.

It involves taking a sample of the patient’s blood which is placed in a centrifuge to separate out the platelet-rich plasma from the red blood cells.

This is then injected into the area being treated.  The procedure was developed in 1971 and first used in the 1980’s in Italy.  It is now widely used in orthopaedics, dentistry, plastic surgery, sports medicine and hair loss therapy as well as veterinary surgery, wherever tissue needs repairing and regenerating.


What is the procedure like?

Typically a sample of about 30 ml of blood is taken from the patient’s arm. It is placed in a centrifuge to separate the plasma from other blood cells resulting in a liquid with a high concentration of platelets.

Under a local anaesthetic the plasma is injected directly into the the penis,  kick-starting the formation of new erectile tissue and blood vessels which result in improved blood flow, a firmer erection and an increase in length and width of the penis.

The P-shot® is administered to 5 injections sites, using a fine needle. These sites are the base of the head of the penis and along both sides of the penis into the areas known as the corpora cavernosa (two identical sponge-like regions of erectile tissue containing empty spaces which flood with blood during an erection, enlarging the penis.)

The entire treatment takes between 30 minutes to an hour from start to finish. The injections  only about 5 minutes.

Most people who have the treatment see an immediate increase in size directly after the procedure followed by a slight decrease in size over the next few days as the injected fluid is absorbed by the body. As new tissue growth is stimulated over the next 12 weeks, volume will increase again.

Post-procedure patients are recommended to use a vacuum pump to continue stimulating erectile tissue. Erectile medication, such as Viagra, can be used in conjunction with the P-shot® if required.

Some men may require a booster shot which is possible 8 weeks after the first treatment.

Yearly top ups may be necessary.

People with Peyronie’s Disease are advised to have a course of three treatments and will be instructed in the use of a vacuum pump to complement the treatment for a few weeks after each appointment. The aim of this is to help straighten the penis as much as possible.


What’s the recovery period?

There is no down time. You can have sex the same day as your treatment.


What are the risks & side effects?

The risks associated with this procedure are minimal as there is no surgery involved and therefore no need for a general anaesthetic, no overnight stay in hospital and no prolonged recovery period.

As it uses your own body’s PRP there is no risk of an allergic reaction.

Some people may experience minimal discomfort during the procedure. Afterwards there may be a feeling of numbness where the local anaesthetic cream was applied but this is temporary and generally disappears within an hour or so after treatment.

A small number of men have reported a burning sensation after the injection.

There may be minimal bleeding, swelling and tenderness at the injection site, but this is temporary and will go down within a couple of hours.  Any bruising will disappear within a few days. There is no risk of scarring.

As with any injection, there is a risk of infection at the injection site but this is rare. You should not touch the injection site for a few hours after treatment.


Is it suitable for everyone? 

 Do not have treatment if you have:

  • a urinary tract infection or inflammation on your penis
  • a sexually transmitted disease
  • a low platelet count
  • hypofibrinogenaemia (fibrinogen deficiency)
  • haemodynamic instability (collapse of blood vessels)
  • sepsis (a blood infection)
  • are undergoing anti-coagulation/blood clotting therapy (warfarin, dabigatran, heparin)
  • very low blood pressure.


Who should perform the procedure?

This procedure should only be done by a qualified doctor or nurse who has undergone a certified training in this treatment. Some may be members of the Priapus Shot® provider group: www.priapusshot.com/members/directory

Doctors on Harley Street Emporium who are certified and provide this treatment are:

How much does it cost?

You can expect to pay between £895 to £1,200. You may need more than one treatment, depending on the results of the first one.


Is it worth it?

The P-Shot® can offer a long-term improvement in erectile dysfunction and can significantly increase the length and width of a penis. It is a safe procedure and no harmful chemicals or drugs are involved in the treatment.

If only one treatment is required it is cheaper than surgical penile augmentation which costs between £1,000 and £5,000.

Providers of the treatment say 80% of men are happy with the treatment and consider it successful.

The claimed benefits may include:

  • a 10% or more increase in penis size (length and girth) although this may not be permanent and top ups may be required
  • a firmer erection
  • an increase in sensation
  • an increase in sex-drive and stamina
  • relief from the symptoms of Lichen Sclerosus
  • a straighter penis for those with Peyronie’s Disease.

It is important to note: smokers may not experience the full benefits of the P-shot®, as smoking constricts blood vessels and decreases the body’s ability to heal and form new tissue, so the treatment may be less effective.








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