Jett Plasma

 What is Jett Plasma

Jett Plasma is state-of-the-art technology that’s used for skin tightening and non-surgical skin lifting. It is used for non-surgical eyelifts, eye bags, tightening skin on the neck and around the mouth, hand rejuvenation as well as mole, skin tag and wart removal.

Unlike many of the other plasma devices on the market, the Jett Plasma pen uses a direct current (DC) rather than an alternating current (AC) which allows it ‘scan’ the skin as well as dot. This means it is more versatile, can be used over larger areas without creating as much damage and the downtime can be less than that of other plasma devices.


How does it work

The Jett Plasma treatment uses ‘plasma’ – the fourth state of matter after solid, liquid and gas. It is an ionized gas that becomes highly charged and acts almost like a little lightening bolt that effectively vapourises or ‘sublimates’ the excess skin leaving a fine crusting that disappears after a week or so.

The removal of the excess tissue and the heat generated effectively tightens the skin and boost collagen production.

Jett is a low-temperature plasma device which means it can be used on the person’s face and body.

Because the current is continuously in one direction it has an advantage over the alternative current versions in terms of control and the size and depth of the area is comes in contact with. This means the treatment is more precise and the downtime may be shorter.


What is it used for?

Jett Plasma offers a non-surgical alternative to many skin conditions that previously only surgery could achieve.

The procedure can be used for (see before and afters below):

  • Non-surgical eyelid lifting (non-surgical blepharoplasty)
  • Removal of creases or wrinkles around the mouth (smokers lines) and eyes (crow’s feet)
  • Removal of skin tags, fibromas and warts
  • Improving acne scarring
  • Reducing pigment spots
  • Reducing stretch marks and loose skin
  • Skin lifting and tightening on face, neck and body including brows lifts and crows feet
  • Hand rejuvenation.

In addition to removing excess skin to give a lifted effect it also promotes collagen production for a long-term skin rejuvenation benefit.

It does not require a general anaesthetic and many procedures can be done in less than an hour, with results that can last up to five years.

AC plasma devices can only do ‘dots’ with the device but Jett Plasma can deliver a continuous flow of plasma which allows the device to move over the skin in a ‘scanning’ motion.

This allows the area to be treated with less damage than with the traditional ‘dot’ method. the Jett’s plasma dots are also smaller and to a consistent depth, which, it’s manufacturers claim, make it more precise when applied to the skin. Both techniques may be used in one procedure to achieve the optimal result.


What is it like?

A local anaesthetic is usually given, this may be an injection or a via numbing cream, depending on the area being treated. For example, mole removal will need an anaesthetic injection while the non-surgical eyelift will usually be done with numbing cream.

When the plasma connects with the skin there may be a sensation of heat. Depending on your pain threshold this may be mild discomfort which subsides as soon as the procedure is over. The eye area and the area around the mouth can be quite sensitive and may be more painful.


What are the side effects?

Side effects include inflammation and flushing of the treated area which may last for two up to three days.  Around the eye area it may last longer – up to ten days and there may be swelling that may last a few days. Sleeping with some extra pillows to keep the head elevated can help.

There will also be crusting or small dot like scabs on the skin which will last for a week to ten days. It is important not to pick or scratch the area and allow the crusts to disappear without interference.

If it is a mole that has been treated an area equivalent to the size of the mole will crust. The scab will drop of within 1-2 weeks.

Do not put any makeup on for at least 24 hours after the treatment.


Is it suitable for everyone?

No, Jett Plasma is not suitable for everyone. It is not suitable for people who:

  • Have a pacemaker
  • Are pregnancy
  • Have epilepsy
  • Have any metal implants
  • Have cancer
  • Have an acute inflammatory condition
  • Have excessive amounts of skin to remove. Some people may be better suited for


How many treatments are required

Non-surgical eyelifts and skin rejuvenation usually only take one or two sessions to attain the desired outcome. However, the majority of patients respond positively only after a single session. You will see preliminary results instantly and the result will continue to develop over the coming months, and may last for up to 5 years.

Mole, wart and skin tag removal is a one-off procedure.


How much does it cost?

The price will depend on the area being treated.

  • Mole removal from £75
  • Skin tags from £50
  • Non-surgical eyelift from £750
  • Crow’s feet from £450
  • Hand rejuvenation From £600
  • Neck tightening from £750

So is it worth it?

Jett Plasma can be an effective way to remove moles, skin tags and warts. It is relatively painless for these procedures and the effect is impressive. If you are prone to pigmentation or have dark skin ask your practitioner about the possibility of pigmentation spots.

For skin tightening and non-surgical eye lifts it is far less expensive than the surgical alternatives and the manufacturers say the results can last up to five years, making it comparable with surgery.

Make sure that the person who is doing the procedure is a medical practitioner who has been properly trained in performing these procedures by Jett Medical.

Note: Beautician can do the procedures but the devices they are trained on are not as powerful so may not be as effective.


Dr Vincent Wong is a trainer for Jett Plasma and performs Jett Plasma procedures. You can book with him here.

Before and after Jett Plasma treatment for puffy eyes
Before and after Jett Plasma mole removal
Before and after Jett Plasma treatment for wrinkles and fine lines around the mouth
Before and after skin tag removal with Jett Plasma