It's oh-so tempting, but should you really be a pimple popper?

Dr Kalpna Pindolia

The temptation to be a pimple popper is great, but Dr Kalpna Pindolia explains why it isn’t a good idea & what you should do if you can’t resist.


To all the pimple poppers out there – I get it! 

  • Debating the pop as you wait for the ripening of the pimple?
  • The temptation toward the pop?
  • Then the big occasion, which feels so damn good! 
  • The relief of the pop and whoa! Depending on how much is extracted and how far it shoots on the mirror…yuck…but whoa!
  • The overall compulsion to pimple pop is powerful…

What is a pimple?

So with pimples, a skin pore becomes engorged with oil, dead skin, bacteria and pus. The function of a pimple is to keep the infection encapsulated and under control. Your skin is doing good stuff producing this pimple. But they always seem to appear before a big event where you have to look your best! How annoying!



Why you shouldn’t pop a pimple

So why do we say ‘no!’ to pimple popping?

Unfortunately the force used pushes the nasty stuff deeper into follicle. If the follicle ruptures, the infection spreads to surrounding deeper tissue. This pimple then can come back more inflamed and angry, leading to nodules and cysts.

Have you noticed a second pimple or even third, in the same area? This is due to infection spread and adding new bacteria from your fingers.

The pressure of the pop tears skin to leave an open wound. The greater the tissue loss, the worse the scarring which can occur…and can be permanent. Not to mention the post inflammatory dark pigment or spots around the pimple that can emerge too.

Improper ‘poppage’ of pimples also leads to a longer course of reaction – which means your acne will take longer to resolve. So they are best left alone …especially if you have to work hard to get to it. 


What if I really have to pop it?

If you really can’t resist popping it, there are some things you can do to reduce the damage. They include:

  • Only pop blackheads and very superficial white heads, not deep or larger, inflamed blemishes
  • Do not use finger nails 
  • Wear clean, disposable gloves if you’re going to touch your face
  • Clean the area with an alcohol wipe before and after popping and use a sterile needle. Pierce superficially parallel into it – ie from the side. Clean again with the alcohol wipe afterwards.
  • Use an acne spot treatments containing salicylic acid to reduce the risk of further breakouts
  • Use non comedogenic make up to take away the redness

Oxygenetix Acne Control Foundation with Salicylic Acid

And finally… Prevention is better than cure…so book in for a free of charge consultation for advice on how to manage pimples and acne.


Dr Kalpna Pindolia is an aesthetic doctor and trainer who delivers skin rejuvenation, wrinkle relaxing and dermal filler treatments at Envisage Aesthetics.

She takes pride in delivering safe treatments which naturally rejuvenate and refresh facial appearance with a ‘less is more’ approach.

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