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The dangers of travelling abroad for hair replacement surgery

With more people seeking help for hair loss now than ever before there’s been a corresponding rise in media coverage about surgery tourism. Recently tow UK women lost their lives after a Brazilian Butt Lift and when it comes to hair stories of people with life threatening infections and even death mean it’s time to seriously think – ‘Is saving a few thousand pounds really worth it?’

The pros and cons of butt lift and augmentation procedures

Thinking about giving your derriere a lift? In part II of our look at buttock surgery, plastic surgeon Nora Nugent runs through the pro’s and cons’ of the different types of procedures. Q. What types of procedures are performed in the UK?                    A. There are three main types of buttock lift or gluteal augmentation surgery. Brazilian Butt Lift: Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) procedures have soared in popularity over the last few years, particularly in the Americas. A Brazilian Butt lift is when fat is transferred from another area of the body…

Fly-in, fly-out doctors. What are the risks?

It may sound glamorous when a surgeon jets in from Monaco to do your breast op or face lift, but what happens when he goes home? Heather Stephen examines the issue of ‘fly-in, fly-out’ doctors. ‘Marco may fly in from Milan to do a breast op but what happens if the patient has complications and Marco is not around to sort it out?’ That was the question posed by Dr Paul Charlson, President of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine, when asked his honest opinion of ‘fly in, fly out’ cosmetic surgeons. While you would assume that the doctor employed by the medi-spa or hospital your…