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  • Magnesium stress and sleep

    Magnesium stress and sleep

    Could Magnesium supplements help with stress and anxiety? Poor sleep and anxiety and extremely common in perimenopause and post menopause. Often magnesium is recommended for both conditions, but does it work? When it comes to sleep here are some of the claims made and some of the evidence regarding it’s ability to improve sleep quality…

  • menopause symptom relief: what can help?

    menopause symptom relief: what can help?

    80% of women will experience menopause symptoms. Dr Unnati Desai discusses some of the treatment options.   It’s stories like these that make you realise menopause symptoms can make life a living hell for some women. This is the story of Jane Lewis, the author of Me and My Menopausal Vagina: “Hello, I’m Jane and I’m 52…