rachael’s law: a petition to change the law on injectables

Harley Street Emporium is pleased to support Rachael Knappier in her bid to get 100K people to sign her petition calling on the government to regulate to medical aesthetics industry and make medical professionals the only ones legally able to inject dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle treatments such as Botox.

Rachael had Botox in her forehead and her lips injected with filler by a beautician with no recognised medical training at a friend’s house in Leicestershire late last year.

The filler was administered incorrectly and went into a blood vessel which caused her lips to swell and started a process of necrosis or skin death.

She had the filler dissolved at the Consultant Clinic on Harley Street and fortunately, her lips returned to normal.

Dermal fillers are made from are Hyaluronic Acid,  which when injected into the lips or other areas, as their name suggests, fill a space. If injected into a blood vessel it can block that vessel stopping oxygenated blood from getting to the tissue that needs it. The result can be, as in Rachael’s case skin death (necrosis) or if it blocks a blood supply to the eye it can cause blindness.

Injectables like Botox can also cause permanent nerve damage and temporary disfigurements such as drooping eyelids or lips.

Late last year an audit by Save Face, revealed that 934 complaints had been made to them alone in the previous year. Of those, 840 involved Botox or fillers and all of them were carried out outside of a clinical setting. They were done in people’s homes, hair or beauty salons or by mobile practitioners.

More than 80% of the treatments were carried out by people without any medical training, and 8% of them were done by people who were masquerading as healthcare professionals. In total 425 of the patients ended up at their GP, seeing another medical professional for a corrective procedure or in A&E for treatment.

There is a human cost here as well as a cost to the NHS. Australia, Canada some States of the US and have laws that protect consumers by requiring that only people with a healthcare background – such as nurses, dentists or doctors can inject Botox and fillers.