Everything you ever wanted to know about fillers but were afraid to ask

Fiona Clark

Everything you ever wanted to know about fillers but were afraid to ask: Harley Street Emporium SKINtellectual and Aesthetic Nurse Elizabeth Rimmer explains. 

If you are considering having fillers to enhance your cheeks or give your fact a lift there are various things you should consider before you make an appointment.

Harley Street Emporium visited aesthetic nurse, Elizabeth Rimmer, at her London Professional Aesthetics clinic where she explained what fillers are, what they can be used for and how to keep a natural look.

A veteran of the aesthetics profession, Elizabeth explains that in general there are very few contraindications for fillers but pregnant and breastfeeding women aren’t suitable and neither are people who may have an allergy to any of the ingredients in the products used.

Elizabeth reminds us of the after-care tips and gives us some of the questions you should ask your chosen practitioner including what qualifications they have, how much experience they’ve had and what kind of after care support they can offer. Will they be there if you have any problems or aren’t happy with the result. She also outlines the procedure for reversing the process if you’re really not happy with the outcome.

It is always advisable that the person who does these kinds of procedures has either and nursing or medical qualification and that they have completed a professional training course in the procedures they are performing. Elizabeth says ‘don’t be afraid to ask’.