Everything you ever wanted to know about lip fillers but were afraid to ask

Fiona Clark

Considering having lip fillers and are after a natural look? Dr Rupert Critchley of Viva Skin Clinics talks us through how he approaches the procedure.

We visited our SKINtellectual Dr Rupert at his Harley Street clinic to see his approach to lip enhancement and how he achieves an impressive but natural looking result.

He explains how he assesses each patient and how important the technique of injecting is. He also talks about how facial structure changes with weight loss and explains why it’s best to get to your stable weight before you have any cheek or lip filling procedures.

While lip fillers (or lip enhancement) is a favourite in the younger or so-called ‘selfie-generation’, he reminds us that older women can benefit from the treatment too as it can help iron out wrinkles on and around the lips.

Dr Rupert discusses how long the fillers will last, runs through the questions you should ask your practitioner and warns about the contraindications, especially with certain types of medication. And, he explains what to expect after the procedure so you wont have any nasty surprises.

Remember to make sure that whoever is doing these procedures has a medical/nursing background and has completed a professional training course in whatever procedures they are performing.