dr zoe schaedel menopause and sleep

Zoe Schaedel

Zoe Schaedel is a member of the British Menopause Society (BMS) and is an accredited trainer and mentor to clinicians wishing to develop their knowledge and skills in Menopause Care with the BMS. She is passionate about education and sees this as vital in achieving high quality individualised menopause care for all.
Zoe Schaedel also has a special interest in sleep and, in particular, its relationship to the menopause. She has undertaken training at a specialist sleep centre and the University of Oxford to develop expertise in the treatment of insomnia and is a member of The British Sleep Society.
Her interest in sleep led her to set up The Good Sleep Clinic (www.goodsleep.clinic) which she founded to increase access to evidence-based sleep treatments.
Zoe Schaedel takes a holistic approach to her practice, and menopause and sleep give her ample opportunity for this as they affect every system of the body and many facets of life.