Harley Street Emporium’s mission is to provide you with editorially independent information so you can make the informed decisions about your menopause journey and skincare treatments, procedures or products.

We know perimenopause and menopause can be a confusing time and we are committed to giving you the best evidence-based information available via our network of menopause experts so you can make informed decisions about diet, lifestyle and treatments options.

When it comes to skincare we do not review products but instead focus on the science behind them. There is no advertorial – all the information is written by our team of writers and is unbiased, trustworthy and based on best medical practices or available evidence. And the same goes for the products on the site. They are:

  • formulated by the best in their field (mostly medical professionals) with ingredients in the right concentrations to ensure they are effective,
  • are packaged properly in air-tight containers to ensure there is no oxidisation of key ingredients,
  • contain no nasties,
  • have not been tested on animals, and most importantly,
  • have the scientific evidence behind them to prove their effectiveness.


Booking doctors:


All of the menopause experts on the site are qualified GPs, Gynaecologists or Endocrinologists who have a special interest in menopause and many have undertaken extensive extra training in menopause and are members of the British Menopause Society and other international menopause bodies.

Skin and aesthetics

There is no one you can trust more with your skin than skin doctors – they are ‘the SKINtellectuals’ and out team of experts is growing all the time. It includes some of the countries top GPs, dermatologists and plastic surgeons as well as experienced nurses who’ve specialised in dermatology and aesthetic cosmetic procedures. We want you to get to know the practitioners on our site as they share their expertise in all things from anti-ageing skincare and skin conditions to cosmetic or surgical procedures.


All of the practitioners on the site are independent doctors, nurses and dietitians who run their own clinics or practices. We at Harley Street Emporium have done our best to meet them all, see their work and checked that they are insured and are registered to legally practice medicine and have undergone training courses in the procedures they are performing. We encourage our cosmetic practitioners to register with Save Face, and many of them have done so.

Our aim is to give you the information you need to make informed decisions about your skincare or treatments. None of the information on the site, however, should be taken as medical advice or in place of the information provided to you by your doctor. If you have any skin conditions or need skin advice you should always consult your medical practitioner.

You can find all the doctors here.

Meet the team

Founder- Fiona Clark

Fiona is a journalist started her career in television with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation in the 1980’s and after 15 years moved into medical publishing writing for publications including The Lancet, Australian Doctor and Medical Observer.

She has a degree in anatomy and physiology and as such makes sure the science behind a product claim or treatment stacks up.

Despite having been a health writer for more than 20 years she was taken by surprise by the genitourinary symptoms associated with menopause and suffered badly with dryness and vulval pain. She is committed to making sure no one goes through what she went through and spends much of her time interviewing experts about all aspects of menopause, especially those that affect the pelvic floor.

Growing up under the harsh Australian sun, Fiona has more than her fair share of skin damage. After having 2 Basel Cell Carcinomas (BCC)  and a Squamous Cell Carconoma (SCC) removed and haivng undergoing photo-dynamic therapy for actinic keratosis she has made it her mission to find the best evidence-based skin care routines and treatments available today – and shares that knowledge.


Our expert panel:


Our regular experts include some of the UK’s most respected menopause doctors including Gynaecologist Associate Professor Vikram Talaulikar and menopause Drs Naomi Potter, Juliet Balfour and Carys Sonnenberg.

Skincare, Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery

Our team of experts cover all areas of aesthetic and cosmetic procedures. They include London based Plastic Surgeon Naveen Cavale who divides his time between the NHS and his private practice, Consultant Dermatologist Dr Adam Friedmann, and GP and expert in cosmetic procedures, Dr Rupert Critchley. when it comes to women’s health we turn to Drs Shirin Lakhani and Unnati Desai.


Medical Writers:

Harley Street Emporium does not run advertorials. Our content is written by our own team of writers all of whom are either doctors, science graduates or journalists who have long careers in health writing for publications including the BMJ, the NHS or main stream publications including the Daily Mail.


Harley Street Emporium is proud to support the Make Menopause Matter campaign and the Menopause Mandate.