5 ways to a stunning smile

Dr Leo Avgerinos

Healthy skin is great but having a healthy smile is a must if you want to look your best. But there’s more to it than simply brushing. Dr Leo Averginos shares his top tips.


Our skin gets a lot of attention, but that’s only part of the story when it comes to looking healthy. Our smile – and our teeth – need attention too. But it doesn’t have to be onerous – some simple steps can make a huge difference.


  1. Brushing – Tools and Technique

No surprises on that recommendation! Or are there? Surprisingly, there is more to brushing than simply moving a brush around your mouth.

Firstly, the tools you choose are important. I recommend using a soft toothbrush, as medium or strong bristles might cause gum irritation or even bleeding, and can weaken tooth enamel. Also it is better to use a dentist-approved product (either manual or electric), according to your preference.

Then there’s technique. When brushing your teeth, you should ideally concentrate your brushing movement where the teeth and gums meet, as this is where bacteria ‘hide’ and create various problems including dental plaque and gingivitis.

Move the brush gently in a 45 degree angle and focus on both the inside and the outside of each tooth. It should take about around 2 minutes to complete a systematical and thorough brushing.



2. Flossing

This is a crucial aspect of oral hygiene as it helps remove plaque and lower the chances of gum disease. That’s because they act in places a toothbrush cannot reach. It is recommended to do this at least twice or three times a day.

Most people ignore flossing as it’s time-consuming. However, not including flossing in your dental routine could lead to tooth decay due to the bacteria in between your teeth. If this happens, you run the risk of losing teeth and may need need dental implants, according to the dental specialists at Esthetix Dental Spa in New York, who are experts in replacing damaged teeth that are beyond repair.

In addition to flossing, regular dental check-ups are highly recommended.  For most people once or twice a year is enough.


3. Look After Your Lips

A perfect smile would not be that perfect if lip care were neglected.

Using a lip balm before applying and after removing makeup can keep your lips hydrated and plumped, especially now that the colder months can make lips chapped.

As far as cosmetic treatments are concerned, more and more people are putting fuller and sensuous lips on their priority list, with the the cupid’s bow being the latest trend.

Using hyaluronic acid injections, lips become plumper and increased in volume. As a dermal filler specialist, my approach is to enhance the client’s facial characteristics without giving an unnatural result, but highlighting his or her basic features.

It is important to note that injections must be administered by a qualified professional that uses high-quality products. If you are unsure about any aspects of the procedure or exactly what you want it is essential to arrange a consultation before embarking on any drastic change that you may regret afterwards.


4. Whitener And Brighter

White, shiny teeth give confidence and pleasure when smiling. Having white teeth depends on various factors, including consistent dental hygiene, genetic factors (e.g. one’s natural enamel colour) as well as cosmetic treatments.

Teeth whitening is a non-invasive technique that makes teeth up to 6 shades whiter. However, it needs maintenance and care, especially after treatment.

Often people have unrealistic expectations of what can be achieved by tooth whitening procedures. Many people expect extreme results, but this is unlikely after one treatment as there are laws governing the strength of the tooth whitening agent. In the UK it is illegal to  administer a whitening solution that is more than 6% hydrogen peroxide. And there are good reasons for that. If the concentration is too high it can cause blistering, burning, gum and enamel damage and even nerve damage.

It is important to have your teeth assessed before you have them whitened as it is not suitable for everyone. Avoid home whitening kits – especially if they’re on the internet as they could do more harm than good.


5. Smiling!

Without being positive, optimistic and – a little bit of – a dreamer, a healthy smile cannot be achieved! It is important for one to feel content with oneself, comfortable in his or her own skin, and face difficulties as they come and go.

Smile, it’s contagious!


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